We’re Moving and Improving

Dear loyal readers,

As you are probably aware, this blog has been dormant for some considerable time. For that, I apologise profusely. However, in recent months, I’ve been building a new site that will become a central hub for all my baseball writing, including that on British and European baseball, usually featured here on Outta Here!

While it’s a little sad to be ceasing operations on this blog, moving to the new site will allow us to achieve bigger and better things. Rather than being an end, this is just a beginning, as I endeavour to continue spreading the word of European baseball.

Henceforth, you can find all Outta Here content here, on my new site.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog, please subscribe for free to the new site, where you’ll receive email notifications every time an article is published.

Thank you very much for reading here, it’s greatly appreciated. I hope you’ll move across to the new venture with us.

Yours faithfully,